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We offer 24-count boxes of K-Cup® Packs, not the 18 count boxes you find in the store!

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Kenya AA K-Cup® Packs 24ct.

Dark Roast


About Grind Types

Finding the grind that produces the flavor you want can be a subjective process, but there's no mystery involved. The rule of thumb: The faster the brew method, the finer the grind. For example, use very finely ground coffee for espresso (which brews in seconds) and coarsely ground coffee for a coffee Press (which brews for 3 to 4 minutes).


(Left to right: Manual Drip, Auto-Drip, Espresso, Turkish grinds.)

Infusion Grind (coarse):
Very coarse particles or flakes, like kosher salt. Grind this way for a cafetiere or coffee press, percolator, or vacuum pot. Ideal grind for methods with open-pore metal filters.

Manual Drip Grind (medium-coarse):
Medium particles, looks and feels like coarse sand. Will not compress. Use this grind for a manual drip brew method (a pour-over) or in an automatic drip brewer if you use a gold filter. (This slightly coarse grind will result in less sediment in your cup when using a gold filter.)

Auto-Drip Grind (medium fine):
Medium-fine particles. Looks and feels like grains of beach sand. Does not easily compress. This is the right grind for brewing in an automatic drip brewer with a paper filter.

Espresso Grind (fine):
Fine particles. Feels almost like confectioner's sugar in your hand and can be compressed with little effort. The resulting brew is heavily extracted and tastes rich and heavy. This is the correct grind for espresso and coffee prepared in a moka-pot.

Turkish Grind (very fine):
Very fine particles to powder. Feels almost like flour in your hand and can be most easily compressed. The resulting brew is heavily extracted and tastes rich and heavy. Turkish is the right grind for Turkish coffee, of for recipes where ground coffee should dissolve into solution.

K-Cup® packs:
A K-Cup® packs is a patented, single-serve capsule that protects our coffee from moisture, light and oxygen. K-Cup® packs portion packs offer convenience and variety and are engineered exclusively for Keurig brewing systems.

An excellent introduction to African coffees. Fruity blackberry aroma with a sparkling finish. Fresh from the roaster

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Product Reviews

  1. Not as good 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jan 2015

    Seems this has lost some flavor from the past. Much weaker, not as bold!

    In addition some pods put many grounds in the cup when brewing.

  2. Good Coffee. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Nov 2013

    Not the best but it ranks near the top.

  3. good coffee 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jun 2013

    I thought it would be bolder.

  4. Nice for an afternoon bump 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Apr 2012

    Very nice. Not as dark or bold as I would typically like for the morning, but it's a nice strength and richness for a little bump in the afternoon. Also makes a really nice iced coffee.