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Broken Arm Coffee


Keurig® Coffee Maker / Broken Arm Coffee

About three weeks ago while cleaning my in-law’s gutters, I was the victim of an unfortunate accident.  I slipped off the ladder and fell to the ground in front of my shocked wife, taking a terrible whack on my shoulder.

Soon, I was surrounded by extremely competent EMS personnel, and after a short ambulance ride, wonderful doctors and nurses and Medical imaging technicians.  They sood concluded that I had broken my humerus in at least four places. Immediate surgery was necessary.

Several days later I found myself deposited in our lovely little home, my wife in a rush to get off to work, and me, unfortunately, all alone and finding it difficult to maneuver and in quite a bit of pain.

For those who have never had a shattered humerus, the order of the day is pain. That morning, my feet were heavier than usual, I felt sick and my arm throbbed horribly

I grabbed the pain pills the doctor had prescribed, popped a Breakfast Blend K-Cup® Pack  into our Keurig coffee maker, and without even taking note of the ease with which I produced this delightful cup of Java, I was soon holding a comforting and steaming cup of breakfast blend (my favorite of all time) and within 10 minutes, feeling much more like a champion, as is usually the case.

I must say that, throughout my recovery. The Keurig coffee maker has been my stalwart ally. It has been just as much a support as the ice pack I got from my physical therapist. Let's face it: caffeine is the enemy of pain. A lot of the pain relievers you get has caffeine in it, and the reason is it helps us live more easily with pain.   All the better to get this comforting caffeine in a cup of delicious, rich and stimulating Keurig Breakfast Blend.

I spend more than a few minutes thinking about how difficult it would be for me to get the coffee that makes my morning humanly possible if I had to, say, pour some coffee into a flimsy filter. I could just see the coffee fanning out across the floor in the kitchen. One thing you don't need when you got a broken arm is a mess in your home. It's more than twice as hard to clean when your arm is broken. I'm not kidding!

That is why I am calling this blog entry broken arm coffee. Because, if I didn't have a Keurig Coffee Maker, I don't know what I would do to get by in this situation, where the ease of use and perfection of design of the Keurig is an experienced multiplied tenfold! It is truly a great coffee maker!