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Tips For Making The Perfect Iced Coffee With a Keurig


iced-coffee-1.jpgThere's no denying the fact that a Keurig machine offers the fastest and most convenient way to make a cup of coffee. Instead of meticulously measuring out messy coffee grounds into a filter, you simply toss a K-Cup® pack into your Keurig machine and press the brew button. In less than 60 seconds, you'll have a freshly brewed cup of coffee that's ready for you to enjoy. But what if you prefer iced coffee over traditional hot coffee? The good news is that Keurig machines can make delicious iced coffee just as efficiently as easy as a cup of hot coffee. If you are wondering how, keep reading and we'll reveal some tips for making the perfect iced coffee with a Keurig machine.

Tip #1 - Ice Cubes

One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting until their coffee is done brewing before they add the ice cubes. While you can still make delicious iced coffee using a Keurig machine this way, a better technique is place the ice cubes in your coffee mug before you begin to brew it. This will allow the coffee to cool off while it's being brewed; therefore, resulting in a cooler, creamer beverage that's sure to spark your taste buds.

Tip #2 - Choosing The Right K-Cup® Packs

Another tip that's helpful to remember when making iced coffee with a Keurig machine is to choose the appropriate type of K-Cup® Pack. So, which type of K-Cup® Pack should you use? The truth is that all K-Cup® Packs can be used to successfully brew delicious iced coffee. As long as place the ice cubes in at the right time, it should create a deliciously smooth and creamy iced coffee beverage. Try using either a vanilla or french vanilla flavored K-Cup® Pack with your iced coffee. These flavors seem to naturally create wonderfully delicious cup of iced coffee.

Tip #3 - Cream, Milk and Sugar

Ultimately, adding ingredients such as cream, milk or sugar into your coffee is a personal decision that only you can make. While some people prefer the sweet and smooth flavor of sweetened iced coffee, others prefer a stronger taste. With that said, cream and sugar really tends to compliment the flavors of iced coffee. If you haven't tried iced coffee with a little bit of sugar and cream added, give it a try to see how you like it. Who knows, it could mean the difference between a good cup of iced coffee and the perfect cup of iced coffee.