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Interesting and Surprising Facts About Coffee


coffee-6.jpgFor some of us (myself included), brewing a cup of coffee is an integral part of our morning routine. From the moment the alarm goes off, I immediately hop out of bed and head into the kitchen to start a cup. However, few people truly understand this amazing beverage and the profound impact it has on our lives. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading for some interesting facts about coffee that may surprise you.

Fact #1 - America Is The Largest Consumer

Would you have guessed that America is the largest coffee-consuming country in the world? It's a $30 billion industry here in the U.S. with Americans consuming more than 400 million cups per day. When you stretch things out into a year, that's a whopping 146 billion cups consumed! And I always thought my 3 cups of coffee a day were a lot...

Fact #2 - Coffee Is Over 500 Years Old

The truth is that no one know when exactly the first cup of coffee was brewed or who was responsible for it. However, the earliest evidence supporting the use of coffee was found around the fifteenth century in southern Arabia. From here, it quickly spread into the surrounding Middle Eastern territories and then to Europe before traveling over to South and North America. The history behind coffee is as rich as the beverage itself.

Fact #3 - World's Strongest Coffee Is Known as "Death Wish"

Claiming to be the world's strongest coffee is a product known as "Death Wish." Of course, with a name like that, you can expect a heavy dose of caffeine. A standard 12 oz cup of this stuff provides a kick of 520 mg of caffeine, while a standard cup of coffee has approximately 120 mg. It's so strong that makers have to include a warning stating the potential for side effects like irregular heartbeat, insomnia, heat flashes and muscle tremors.

These are just a few fun and interesting facts about coffee. So, the next time you are making a hot cup of joe in the morning, think about some of these neat little facts. It's hard to believe that coffee has been around for nearly 500 years, and since that time, little has changed regarding its production. It's still made by pouring hot water over fresh coffee beans. Some people may give their coffee an extra touch by using sweeteners and creamers, but the process is basically the same as its always been.