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How Coffee Is Grown and Produced


coffee-7.jpgMost coffee drinkers go about their regular morning routine of brewing a cup or pot of this delicious beverage without realizing just how much work went into its production. In order to get the roasted coffee beans into your hands, countless hours of hard work by farmers and distributors were necessary. Only then can you enjoy that delicious cup of morning-brew coffee that's an integral part of your morning routine. Keep reading for a closer look into how coffee if grown, produced, and turned into the delicious beverage we all know and love.

Coffea Plant

The first step in the production of coffee involves growing a shrub-like plant known as Coffea (hence the name coffee). Coffea is a delicate plant that requires a perfect mixture of moisture, sunlight and humidity to thrive. If any of these elements are out of balance, the plant will cease to grow.

After growing for approximately four years, the Coffea plant will begin to blossom with small seed berries containing coffee beans. To the untrained eye, these berries look like typical cherries, but they actually contain valuable coffee beans inside. The berries of Coffea plants are harvested and the coffee beans are picked from the insides. There are several different techniques available to accomplish this, and while some people harvest the beans by hand, others use machines. The advantage of using a machine is the increased speed at which it operates, but the disadvantage is that it oftentimes leaves some of the pulp or outer shell alongside the coffee bean.

Coffee Bean Processing

When the coffee beans are harvested, they must then be processed to prevent fermenting or spoiling. This is done by either placing the coffee beans outside to dry for a given period of time or by washing them in an all-natural liquid cleaning solution. Following the coffee beans' processing, they are packaged and prepared for shipping where they eventually end up in your kitchen. Of course, there may be other steps in this process, such as adding additional flavorings or ingredients to achieve a "unique" taste, but this is the basic process.

Growing and producing coffee isn't something that can be done overnight. It takes several years before the Coffea plant is even able to produce the coffee beans. When this occurs, farmers can then work on harvesting the beans to use in the production of coffee. Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding on how coffee is made.