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Avoid These Common Morning Coffee Mistakes


coffee-5.jpgThere's nothing like the aroma of coffee brewing in the morning to wake you up and start your day on the right foot. For some people, myself included, it's a necessary part of the morning routine. Once you take that first sip, you'll immediately have more pep in your step with a clear goal for the day. If you are the type of individual who makes a morning pot or cup of coffee, you'll want to avoid some of the common mistakes listed below. While you may know some of them, chances are there are others that will surprise you.

Mistakes #1 - Drink It Hot

To get the most enjoyment out of your morning coffee, you should drink it immediately after it's done brewing. The hotter the coffee is, the better. Allowing it to sit out at room temperature for 10-15 minutes before drinking will force the ingredients to go through chemical changes; thus, altering the taste, aroma and texture of the coffee. The bottom line is that cold coffee is less enjoyable and should be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, using K-CUP® PACKS allows you to brew single cups of coffee instead of a full pot. Not only does this end up saving you coffee, but it also helps to keep it warm since there's only a single cup brewed at a time.

Mistakes #2 -Avoid Tap Water

Let's face it, most people brew their coffee using tap water without thinking twice. While this may not seem like an issue, it can drastically alter the flavor of your coffee. You have to remember that coffee is almost entirely made of water; therefore, the wrong type of water will have a negative effect on the flavor of your coffee. In addition, studies have shown that 45% of all tap water in the U.S. doesn't meet national safety standards. To avoid any flavor or health issues, stick with distilled or filtered water in your coffee. You'll have to pay slightly more upfront, but it's well worth the additional investment.

Mistakes #3 - Too Much Sugar

Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to sweetening their coffee, but using too much sugar will overwhelm the delicious, creamy flavor of the grind. There's nothing wrong with sweetening your coffee, but only use it in moderation. If you are afraid of using too much, start small and gradually add more sugar to it. If it's not sweet enough, add an additional teaspoon of sugar or sugar substitute.